All You Need To Know Before MVP Outsourcing 

 September 13, 2022

A minimum viable product, or MVP for short, is the initial, most basic iteration of a new product with just the essential features required to gather user feedback and test the market. A prototype is a model of a product idea currently under development, similar to an MVP; however, an MVP should not be confused with a prototype. While a minimum viable product has the same design and functionality as the original product, a prototype only paints a non-functional picture of the product idea.

There are two methods through which you can develop a minimum viable product. The first method is in-house MVP development, which involves a team of developers’ screening, recruitment, and training to build the MVP. The second method consists in outsourcing the development of the minimum viable product to a team of remote developers or third-party companies to develop your product. Outsourcing an MVP development seems a common choice these days; therefore, we will discuss all you need to know before outsourcing your MVP.

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Benefits of Outsourcing MVP development

Outsourcing your MVP development as an alternative to in-house MVP development has some benefits, which include:

  • Cost reduction: Since an MVP reflects the original product, many resources are needed to develop it, which may not be available for in-house development. You will not need to worry about many things when you outsource your MVP development, thereby cutting costs.
  • Expertise: When you outsource your MVP to a team of remote developers or development companies, you are committing your project to the hands of already established experts. Your project will benefit from their wealth of experience, and outsourcing will save you the stress of recruiting and training tech talents.
  • Shorter time-to-market: When developing an MVP, deadlines matter. Since the purpose of MVPs is to survey the market, they must be released in time to get enough feedback to have the final product ready in no time. Outsourcing your MVP development leads to a quicker turnaround time because outsourcing teams are readily available since there is no need for talent recruitment and training.
  • Efficiency: Outsourcing your MVP development can prove to be efficient. Your project is given the utmost attention and is delivered in high quality. You do not have to worry about your MVP’s quality, which gives you time to focus on other projects. Outsourcing your MVP development gives you high quality for lesser costs.
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Tips for outsourcing your MVP development

Knowing how to outsource your MVP development is an important skill you must possess to avoid hiring the wrong people and compromising the quality of your MVP. The following are tips and all you need to know before outsourcing your MVP:

  • Use outsourcing companies: Instead of hiring solo freelancers, you should choose already established teams of developers or outsourcing companies because they provide a sense of security. Outsourcing companies have experienced professionals that have worked with MVPs for a long time. Therefore, while looking for companies to outsource your MVP development, read their reviews and review their portfolio to ensure they are a match.
  • Clearly state your expectations: After hiring a team of remote developers or an outsourcing company, give clear instructions on what you want and how you want it done. Communication is very important when you outsource your MVP development. Poor communication makes the hired developers do what they think is best, which might prove them wrong.
  • Be involved: Outsourcing your MVP development to professionals does not mean you should abandon the project until the outsourcing company has finished it. It would be best if you were actively involved to ensure everything goes to plan.
  • Request Demos regularly: Demos help you keep track of the progress made by the developers you hire. Therefore, always request demos regularly from your team of developers or outsourcing companies to watch and confirm that your MVP is being developed correctly. That ensures that everything goes smoothly.
  • Choose outsourcing companies with similar legal systems: This will ensure that you have no problems complying with regulations on data privacy and intellectual property laws in the country. In addition, you will enjoy geological proximity and cultural similarities, and you can rest assured that the bond of laws protects your project and business.
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Outsourcing your Minimal viable product to experienced professionals can make your life and business a lot easier.

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